Terms & Conditions

I understand that life is a “do-it-yourself” project and that it is up to me to use my own good judgment and seek independent legal, tax, and/or financial counsel as I go about my business of implementing anything I learn in connection with this or any other Program that I participate in with How to MANAGE a Small Law Firm II, LLC (“HTM”).

I understand that HTM makes no representations, promises, assurances, or warranties, as to the results I may achieve by implementing any advice, information, tools, or techniques I learn while participating in this or any other learning experience provided by HTM.


I understand that this program will be difficult. That there will be times where I am pushed outside of my comfort zone so that I can grow beyond my current limitations. I understand that mindset work is not for the faint of heart and there may be times where I am triggered by my own thoughts and behavior, the lessons and exercises, my facilitators and even my fellow members. I am committed to examining those thoughts and behaviors as they arise, raising my hand for extra coaching when they surface, and seeking the support of the group so I can learn and grow from them instead of burying them or hiding from them. I am committed to this investment in my own personal growth so I can be a better business owner for my business, my team, and my family. I will not quit on myself. Furthermore, I agree to let PPM stop me from quitting on myself by reminding me of this commitment and holding me to it. How I do anything is how I do everything, and I refuse to quit when the going gets tough.

Payment for PPM is due in the amount on the 1st of each month. If my monthly payment fails, PPM reserves the right to charge my credit card indicated on file for any outstanding balance accrued. Payment plans, if permitted at PPM’s sole discretion, are subject to a 10% additional administrative fee.

PPM reserves the right to refuse my entry to PPM for failure to meet my financial obligations, my obligations to my Master Member Agreement, including the No Assholes policy. If I fall behind on a monthly payment, I understand that I and my Plus One, if any, will be temporarily suspended from PPM’s daily calls, PPM’s private Facebook group, and the PPM Membership Website until I become current with payment.

If I decide to leave HTM Programs at the end of my current contract but wish to remain in PPM, I may be allowed to do so with approval, if I leave HTM Programs in good standing and HTM at its sole discretion approves this request.


Yes, you read that right… We have a “Grading Scale” we use to define an “A” client/member. These are the sort of people we love to work with. The sort of people who inspire me and my team to go above and beyond on a regular basis.

We also have our idea of what’s an “F” client/member. These are the sort of people that the “A” clients/members don’t want to be around and neither do we!

There are two approaches to creating your own “Grading Scale”. One is to build-up from F to A.

The other is to define what’s an “A” and then as you remove certain positive qualities, characteristics and behaviors you likewise “demote” a person until their conduct lands them on suspension and then eventually out of business with you. We enforce this policy to protect you and me both!

So here’s what it means to be an “A” client/Member in my business (in no particular order):

  • We like working with the Member
  • The Member likes working with us.
  • The Member is highly-motivated to have a successful business & all the benefits that flow from it.
  • The Member has tangible and objectively quantifiable goals that excite them.
  • The Member respects my staff and appreciates them for the very challenging work that they do servicing and keeping hundreds of entrepreneurs happy from all around the world.
  • The Member responds to the mistakes that we make in our business with the same grace and maturity the Member would expect their own clients to demonstrate when the Member’s own business makes a mistake.
  • The Member believes that the best investment they can make is an investment in themselves.
  • The Member cooperates and supports our policies.
  • The Member is collaborative and intellectually generous with the Group.
  • The Member has a good sense of humor and is not easily offended by liberal use of the “F” word especially when it’s so richly called for in an explanation!
  • The Member thinks it’s cool that my dog often works from my office with me and that I often work from remote and sometimes exotic places, so there may be the occasional odd sound in the background.
  • The Member does the work required to translate the lessons, tools, insights, ideas, templates and instructions we provide into tangible results.
  • The Member is honest with us and themselves.
  • The Member remains current on their financial obligations to us and otherwise follows the rules we have established and which are designed to help all of our members get the best results possible.
  • The Member looks for lessons not problems. There’s always a lesson. Sometimes we make it obvious. Sometimes you get to find it for yourself.
  • The Member has a positive, prosperity-based outlook on life – no whiners or complainers allowed!
  • The Member is fair, reasonable, and rational treating others in a way that is consistent with the way they would like to be treated which includes making hiring and retention decisions based on merit, not based on race, creed, color, gender, age, physical condition, national origin, religion, or sexual orientation.

Assholes are people whose conduct is the opposite of the positive attributes described above, that we look for in people who we choose to do business with as Members, vendors or as part of our Team.


This Program includes one complimentary “Plus One” registration with my membership. Since it is important that we protect the integrity of the Program, my Plus One must be a stakeholder in my firm; specifically, my spouse or significant other, my business partner in my law firm, or my PLA or other employee who has sophisticated knowledge of my business. If I am a current HTM Staff Member of PPM, my Plus One is limited to my spouse or significant other.

Unless otherwise permitted at HTM’s sole discretion, specifically excluded as Plus Ones are: other HTM members not affiliated with my law firm (you cannot “share” this Program within “the Bubble”) and non-member business owners or lawyers affiliated with me. If you would like to refer a non-member business owners or lawyer to HTM, please email help@howtomanage.com and we can assist you with alternative ways to introduce them to How To MANAGE A Small Law Firm.

Unless specifically stated, a Plus One registration allows for full participation in PPM’s daily calls, including the Q&A sessions within the Program, and access to PPM’s private Facebook group, and the PPM Membership Website.


As a part of my PPM membership, I have access to the recordings of all sessions of the daily calls or other content created in conjunction with this Program by virtue of the PPM Membership Website made available to me where all of these calls are stored as PPM proceeds throughout the year. These recordings are available to me through the PPM Membership Website, and I understand that downloading these recordings for the purpose of sharing them is strictly prohibited. I also understand that these recordings and other content will remain accessible to me once PPM has concluded.

External recordings of any session of the daily calls or other consumable content created in conjunction with this Program, including any and all information posted on PPM’s private Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/ppm2022), are strictly prohibited.

I understand that access to PPM calls, materials, and recordings are part of my membership in this Program. HTM reserves the right to restrict or remove my access to PPM content if I fall behind on my payments or am no longer a member in the Program.


Throughout the year of the Program, Live Experiences may be offered I understand that these are offered on a first-come, first-served basis in a location throughout the country as of the time of announcement. These Experiences will be formally announced throughout the year and are only available to me as PPM Member and also my spouse or significant other whether or not s/he is my Plus One.

The specifications of these unique Live Experiences will be determined for each Experience as of the time it is formally announced to the Program’s Membership, and a non-refundable deposit must be made to hold my registration for an Experience on a first-come, first-served basis. I understand that a waitlist for each Experience will also be created on a first-come, first-served basis, to which I will be added if I am unable to register for the Experience because it has reached capacity and in the event that a registration space opens up for the Experience because another Member could not attend. Additionally, once I have participated in an Experience, I may not participate in any other Live Experience.

Given the uniqueness of every Live Experience, I understand that the following parameters will be determined for each Experience at the time of announcement and/or registration: 1) who to contact on PPM’s staff to officially register for that Experience, 2) the payment deadline of the deposit needed to officially register for that Experience, 3) due to the capacity constraints of each Experience, the number of Members of PPM who will be able to participate in that Experience, and 4) formal notification of any Member of PPM who will be placed on the waitlist in the event that a registration space opens for him/her to register for the Experience in the place of another Member of PPM.

PPM will cover specific costs associated with each Experience; specifically, either lunch or dinner on Day One and either lunch or dinner on Day Two. All other costs are the sole responsibility of the Experience Participant, which will be payable when any associated Experience services/fees not covered by PPM are due for each Experience Participant accordingly.

I understand that Live Experiences will only be available to those Members of PPM who act promptly to register for an Experience and will either be able to participate in the Experience or be placed on the waitlist to participate in that Experience provided they have not already participated in an Experience. I also understand Members of PPM who are placed on the waitlist for one Experience are not given preferential treatment for a different Experience and must register again on a first-come, first-served basis for a different Experience.

In addition to their offerings on a first-come, first-served basis, participation in Live Experiences is not guaranteed to all Members of PPM due to the inherent capacity limitations for these events.

In order to register for an Experience, a $500 no-show seat deposit (i.e., non-refundable if I do not show up to the Experience) will be required to hold my space. I understand that once registered for an Experience, if I cancel my registration within less than thirty (30) days prior to Day One of the Experience without a valid reason (determined at the discretion of PPM), I will lose the opportunity to register for a different Experience. I understand that I must notify help@howtomanage.com. Similarly, if I am registered for a Live Experience and do not show up to the Experience, I will lose the opportunity to register for a different Experience.

Due to the capacity limitations of Live Experiences, I understand that they are conducted at the sole discretion of PPM and are expressly reserved for Members of PPM who act immediately to secure their registration for a Live Experience.

Life is not a dress rehearsal. I understand that if I fail to take action to secure my spot in an Experience that I have learned a life lesson that is as valuable as attending the Experience. I will take this lesson to heart and seek to find other areas of my life where my failure to take action causes me to miss out on opportunities.


I understand that all – or part – of this Program may be audio, video, and photographically recorded by PPM and for use by PPM and/or HTM and their subsidiaries. I expressly grant PPM and HTM and assign the right to use photographs, video, and/or audio impressions of me recorded during my participation in this Program.

I expressly reserve the right to prohibit recording of me when I participate in a Q&A session within the Program, and if I do not want to be recorded, I will explicitly ask for the recording to be stopped.

I grant HTM and PPM the right to use the photographs and my voice, picture, silhouette and other reproductions of physical likeness and membership-related work in connection with any part of the Program in any professional endeavor in which same may be used including educational programs offered for sale or as premiums, advertising and promotions for this Program or other similar programs. I agree that HTM and PPM shall own jointly and severally all rights, title and interest including copyright in and to the complete set of original recordings with worldwide rights.


I promise to keep confidential and not speak, blog, tweet, or otherwise disclose the details I learn in this Program about the lives, businesses, hopes, dreams, fears, financial performance, goals, or any other personal, professional, or financial information of my fellow Members of PPM. I understand that doing so may result in my not being invited back, termination of any program I may be enrolled in without refund and the general scorn and disdain of my fellow participants who are each depending on my discretion, as I am on theirs’.